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Education plans
Picture9This Plan can pay for your children’s primary, secondary and tertiary tuition fees up to 6 years and this applies even if you die.


Whole life assurance policy
Picture11This Plan allows you to get a loan and use the policy as a guarantee with any lending institution after your first consecutive three year monthly contribution.


Special Endowment Plan
Picture7This Plan allows the policyholder some significant bonus earnings upon maturity while he/she can get a loan against it before it matures.

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Cash builder retirement plan
cashThis Plan allows you to get a lump sum amount upon your retirement , of which 33% can be paid to you in cash and the balance will be a guaranteed income paid on a monthly basis until you die.


Endowment Plan
Picture7This Plan is a sure way to safeguard your family in case of accidental death, while at the same time the policy holder can use this Plan as a surety with any lending institution while he is still alive.


Pure Endowment Plan
Picture15A short term, 5 year plan for your short term dream.

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The Dignity Funeral Plan
Picture14This Plan pays out a cash lump sum on death of the policyholder or member covered by the policy, plus groceries monthly for 12 months.

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